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By Joshua Chadwick June 24th

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Moving house and need an urgent or same-day connection? We’re here to help (yes, even on the weekend!)

There’s nothing worse than moving the last box into your new home, only to realise your electricity isn’t on. If you find yourself in this situation we’ll help you connect your electricity to your new address. We can also help you with your gas connection, water, phone, internet, and Pay-TV in one easy call hassle-free call.

We can also arrange any reconnections are disconnections that you’re after, upon an early business day notice.

We work with Australia’s leading retail distributors, we’ll lay out the energy plans and who you choose is entirely your call.  

From Victoria (VIC) to New South Wales (NSW), to Queensland (QLD) to South Australia (SA) and everything in between, we can organise your new connection with a bevy of energy retailers and electricity providers seen below.

At MyConnect we’ve been helping Aussies move since 2006, with over 1000 Google reviews Aussie movers have rated us the best in the business with a 4.8-star rating! 

Our friendly team of energy experts understand that moving into a new house for the first time is stressful for any new homeowner, which is why we like to keep utilities simple and the best part is- we’re a completely FREE service!

MyConnect Move-in Guarantee

If your electricity is not connected to your new property by the agreed-upon connection date, MyConnect allows up to $150 per day to be paid to you by us in situations we deem eligible. There must also be sufficient evidence of financial impact provided by yourself from this situation.

Let Us Know Early

With an urgent connection, it’s best to contact us and give us a phone call as early as possible to ensure your power is turned on as soon as you walk in the door. If it does slip your mind on moving day, however, an electricity or gas company can still receive the request to arrange power connections and will arrange the whole process the next business day.

Urgent Electricity Connections

While there are plenty of retail energy providers, some retailers offer same-day connections from Monday through Friday. Others may offer Saturday same-day electricity also. Standard utility connection fees, supply charges, and exit fees can be found with the energy provider and their electricity plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re all about making your life easier as you prepare for your move. So, here are some helpful links and answers to topics and questions we get asked about a lot!

Once you complete our online form, you will receive a signup link in your email where you can complete your signup entirely online! If you would prefer to do it over the phone, please give us a call on 1300 854 478.

We guarantee to contact you by the end of the next business day, or you can do it online!

The latest time an electricity or gas company can receive a request to connect power is midday for a next-day connection. In certain areas, we can arrange for same-day connection services.

AGL, Origin, Energy Australia, ActewAGL, Momentum Energy, Tango, Nectr, Optus, Telstra, Belong, Dodo, iPrimus, Foxtel, CHU + More!

There needs to be clear access to your meters on the day of your connection. Your meter will differ depending on the style of your property. If you live in an apartment, unit or townhouse, it is likely that all of the meters are located in one central area. In older unit blocks there may just be one meter for all the properties. In a house, the electricity and gas meter is usually near the front door or around the side of the house.

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No worries! Please call us on 1300 854 478.

We receive a fee for every connection we make with one of our partners. This does not affect the price you pay to them and you are free to choose the supplier that best suits your needs.

To begin the process, you can either fill out an online connection form or you can call us on 1300 854 478 between 8 am-8 pm AEDT on weekdays and 9 am-4 pm AEDT on Saturdays.

If you have a billing enquiry, please contact us directly on 1300 854 478.

MyConnect will ask for your ID number, date of birth, postcode etc. We do not disclose any personal information about our customers for purposes other than arranging their day-to-day electricity connection, and we need to obtain your consent to do so. This information is required to fulfil the service request. All personal information disclosure complies with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988.

Organise your utilities in just 8 minutes!

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