How to: Tackle Spring Cleaning

By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

It’s time to shed that winter coat and bounce into spring.

Yes it’s spring again, and with spring comes the season of decluttering, reorganising and to tie it up nicely, cleaning. So to send you into Spring with a productive mindset, here are some quick tips to tackle spring cleaning.

Wipe off that dust

So the chances are you’ve probably done your own version of hibernation this winter and have fallen back on your dusting and preening. With Spring here its crucial you’re keeping dust to a minimum, especially those with hay fever.

Wiping off the windows and curtains is a good start, as they have most likely been closed for the better part of winter. Then move on towards any unused tabletops and anything else that may have collected dust.

Wash the washer

Your dishwashers, dryers and washing machines will quickly collect dirt and grime, and that’s the last thing you want from something that’s designed to rid of just that. It may seem bizarre to think about, but cleaning these machines before you start your spring-cleaning haul is vital.

Declutter the cupboard

Clearing through all your cluttered items can often bring out old clothing you used to wear on the daily. That was until you outgrew it last season or even season’s prior. Now is a good time to rid of these old pieces of clothing, and sending them to Goodwill for the less fortunate to wear is a charitable way to clean up your living space.

Create the to-do list

The idea of spring cleaning itself can be overwhelming as it can seem like a big task to undertake, but creating a list of things to clear out this spring can ease the pressure off your shoulders.

Taking it step by step and not trying to do everything at once will help you pace yourself and knocking down these tasks one by one will be a rewarding addition to an already satisfying clean home.

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