How to: Stay Water Conscious this Summer

By MyConnect March 11th

With the blaring heat of Summer now starting to kick in, it’s highly important we start to be more conscious with how we use our water. Being water conscious doesn’t mean avoiding turning that tap on entirely, however there are some really easy ways that you can majorly cut down the litres of water being used by making simple changes around the house. Here are some tips to preserving water this summer.

Cut down Shower Time

While it is relaxing to take a nice, long shower, it also adds up exponentially to your utility bill. A quick shower, while it may be a sad thing for some, will aide in some serious water savings.

Turn the Tap off when Brushing your Teeth

Your average faucet will take out several litres of water per minute. Turning the tap off after you wet your brush and leaving it off until it’s time to rinse will preserve plenty of water.

Adjust those leaks

Speaking of faucets, leaky taps can often unknowingly pile onto your utility bill. Fixing leaks yourself or even hiring a plumber to do so is an idea we suggest this summer.

Washing in Cold Water

A washer’s electricity goes primarily to heating water, so therefore you’ll save with cold water. Cold water also minimizes shrinkage and fading in your clothing, so don’t be afraid to switch off the hot for cold.

Fill the sink when hand-washing

Instead of keeping the water running, filling up your sink with water is an easy idea to implement in your washing. With two basins, you can fill one with soapy water and the other with rinsing water. With one basin, a dish rack to place your washed dishes on to rinse later, with a spray or pan full of water, will help.

Load up that Dishwasher

If you use a dishwasher, only run it when its full and choose shorter, economy wash cycles, as doing so will use less hot water.
If shorter cycles concern you for washing purposes, you can rinse your dishes with cold water prior to placing them in the dishwasher.

Install a Rain Barrel

Rainwater is free water in this instance, so don’t let that go to waste! Rainwater harvesting with a rain barrel is a great substitute to turning on a hose or sprinkler in regards to water plants or your garden.

For more information about water usages, water saving and all water information, please visit the Australian Government website here.

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