Wet Weather: How to move house in the rain

By MyConnect March 11th

For some, rainy days mean snuggling up in a blanket in the warmth of your home. For others, it means drudging through the wet weather to go to work. But for some of us, it means dealing with the wet weather on important days, namely moving day.

Luckily, there are ways to work around the wet weather keeping your belongings dry and your spirit high while moving during winter. Here are some tips for moving house in wet weather with ease.

Prepare your Home

With the wet weather conditions, it can cause a mess of your brand-new property. Especially when you’re busy focusing on getting all of your belongings in the house unscathed.

You will likely have movers walking back and forth from the truck to your house. Placing towels or tarps near your front door and hallway can prevent water or mud from entering the home.

It’s also a good idea to have towels at the ready to dry off boxes and bags before leaving them in the house.

Pack it Tightly

When picturing moving houses in wet weather, moving boxes made of cardboard can seem like an issue. The boxes can become soggy and less secure for your belongings.

However, cardboard is much tougher than it might seem. These boxes should easily survive a move in the rain as long as you pack it securely.

Strong, adhesive packing tape over all sides of your boxes should do the trick and then some.

Wrap it up

For some items, placing them in a box isn’t as simple as other items may be. You’re not exactly going to fit your couch or bed into a box very easily.

Therefore, you have to protect them from the wet weather some other way.

Wrapping items up in plastic wrap or placing garbage bags over items should shield them from the rain. For those larger items, a tarp or some sheets should do the trick.

However, these items can become slippery when wet, so do so with caution or with something stable to hold onto.

Assess Before You Dress

It’s great to pack everything securely and make sure your items are dry, but you also have to ready yourself for this weather.

Be sure to wear non-slip shoes or shoes with good grip. A wet weather jacket is also handy as you won’t exactly have the free hand to hold an umbrella.

If you’ve prepared towels at the doorway, make sure to thoroughly wipe your feet on them. You don’t want to slip on the floor of your new home!

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